Neoprene Battery Cover / Protection Case for Silverfish Batteries

You'd like to ride your UNI Moke e-bike in icy temperatures during winter? Lithium-Ion electric bike batteries are sensitive to very low temperatures, reducing their efficiency and leading to an overall loss of range. Your e-bike battery is the most expensive part on an electric bike deserving maximum protection.

That's why we designed a special battery cover for your electric bicycle to protect it against freezing temperatures and weather conditions like snow and rain. It also is a dirt- and dust-repellent for the battery, preventing scratches from rockfall and even including a practical bottle holder!

This flexible casing is made out of high quality neoprene offering maximum protection for the heart of your Uni Moke ebike not affecting it's cool vintage e-bike look!

Uni Moke E-Bike Battery Cover Features

  • Material: neoprene
  • Color: black
  • Branded with Urban Drivestyle logo
  • Bottle holder / tool bag included

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